Get 1 Item Of Junk Removed For Only $59... Low Priced Junk Removal! Our prices start at 50% below 1800gotjunk! Low-Price Junk Removal When you're Moving! Call now... See if we cover your area... 631-455-6091

Huge Savings Over Other National Brands! 

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The leading national brand average minimum pricing starts at $125.00 while our prices start at $59 for one item removed.

I'm conducting a test at 30% below national average to prove to my accountant that we can be the low price leader.

Our competitors are shaking in their boots because somehow the word got out about our aim to cut our prices by 50% off market averages. 
WARNING!!! Below is an Extreme Hoarding Condition one man's son                                 had in his room. It is Highly graphic.                                                                                            
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FAQ's : 

How much does this cost? 

It’s hard to answer this question on a website or on the phone since we can’t see what you’re getting rid of and you don’t know how much will fill a truck. Most company’s charge based on the space filled in a truck which keeps pricing fair. The simplest way to explain pricing is most companies have minimum charges from $97-$150 to come pickup. Prices go from $97-$650 for a full truckload and prorated if not filled. Ours start at $59 locally. We're testing 30% below the market average right now. Our goal is to cut it to 50%. 

How does it work? 

Step (1) Call to set appointment 

Step(2) We come with two men and a truck & we review our pricing structure and quote your price 

Step(3) Once we agree on the price we clean up your items and were on our way 

How can you charge so much lower than the others? 

Our business model operates off referrals. More referrals, equal more volume & less advertising cost & we pass savings to our customers. 

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